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Shoe Rack Benches and Shoe Storage Furniture at Affordable Prices

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Shoe Rack Bench

Here are suppliers that offer the shoe rack bench for great prices.

Take a look at each so you can compare prices and make sure you have found the best deal.

We also feature here some of the most popular designs in benches for storing shoes.

A shoe rack bench can be a great way to store shoes and help keep organized what would otherwise be a cluttered mess in your home. 

The shoe rack bench also doubles as bench for seating or to use to take on and off shoes.

These shoe storage pieces of furniture come in a variety of sizes and styles, made of different materials and are very popular today.

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Most often this type of furniture is found at the entryway of a home, at the foot of a bed, in a mud room, hall ways, and garages and even at patio entrances. Where these can be placed in and around the home will vary with each user.

Although there are various types of solutions for organized shoe storage, the shoe rack bench is generally considered best for shoes that are worn often and the user needs easy and quick access to.

These benches come manufactured in a variety of materials. Wood seems to be the most popular type of material, because it is so durable and can be fashioned in a way that will add to and enhance many home interiors.

If you look around you can find these shoe storage benches made of walnut, maple, pine, and cherry woods.

The most popular is made of cedar because these have the ability to absorb the odors that may accompany shoes.

Other versions of the show bench also come in many types of brightly colored plastics. These are very popular in children’s rooms, classrooms and other play areas. Though fun to look at these are not generally as durable as the wood versions.

Some benches are made of metal, stainless steel even wicker. These are generally not as favored as wood, but considered more for areas where a decorative style is desired.

As you will begin to find when shopping for shoe storage furniture, there are many choices in terms of functionality. The bench version we have been discussing all have smooth surfaces for sitting and storage below. The storage at times is accessed by lifting the hinged top up. Some versions have the top fixed and she shoes have shelves where the shoes are placed. Still other versions have separate cubbies for sets of shoes for even more organization.

Another version is the shoe storage chest. These generally have a top surface that a person can sit on and open for shoe to be placed inside. This type of storage piece is great for the family that wants to hide all the shoes that will be stored.

Some shoe storage solutions are designed for the closet. These are referred to as closet shoe racks.

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Hanging shoe racks are popular storage ideas for the bedroom. There are versions that are intended for the closet and others that are designed for the back of a door. The door hanging shoe racks are popular because they take up very little space.

Shoe boxes are also a solution for the organization and storage of shoes. This is generally found for shoes that are not worn very often, however.

As you can see there are many choices when it comes time to select just the right shoe rack bench. Because of these many choices you will not doubt find just the right one for your needs.
When shopping for good shoe benches look for durability and make sure it will fit in the space where it will be used. Also keep in mind it should be of a design that will compliment the interior of your home.

It is very possible to by this type of furniture in the Internet. One of the most trusted sites on the Internet is and they have a great selection of shoe rack benches that can be shipped to your home.

Below are a variety of shoe storage furniture selections that are very popular. If you click on them you will be taken to Amazon to make a purchase or just learn more. If you make a purchase we will make a slight commission and that is how we support this website.


  Top Rated Shoe Storage Furniture

Click on the picture for more detailed information or to order


Shoe Storage Bench with Leather Top Shoe Storage Bench with Leather Top

Designed with the popular Arts and Crafts style, this Craftsman Storage Bench with Open Shoe Storage is a versatile seating option we know you'll love.

Made to hold up to 10 pairs of your favorite shoes, it features 3 spacious drawers for storing your odds and ends. The brown bicast leather upholstery provides the perfect place to unwind.

Carefully handcrafted of oak veneer, it provides long-lasting beauty. Use it in your family room, bedroom or even powder room. Order today! Measures: 20"H x 42"W x 16"D.



  Quality Solid Wood Shoe Bench Storage Bench Furniture 

Quality Solid Wood Shoe Bench Storage Bench Furniture

Storage for your shoes and boots. A place to sit while putting on your shoes. Decorative furniture bench to match any dacor. Solid wood strong construction.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong construction
  • Size:35-3/8 In.(L) x 13 In.(W) x 18 In.(H).
  • The Perfect Size, not too BIG and not too Small!




   Mud Room Shoe Rack -3- shelves -1- Metal Tray for those wet shoes Antique Walnut Finish 140-302-03 


Mud Room Shoe Rack -3- shelves -1- Metal Tray for those wet shoes Antique Walnut Finish 140-302-03

Great for those wet and muddy shoes and boots. Mud Room Shoe Rack -3- shelves -1- Metal Tray for those wet shoes Antique Walnut Finish H 26.77 x W 33.07 x D 13.78







 9-Pair Wood-Finish Shoe Bench

9-Pair Wood-Finish Shoe Bench

Bring harmony to highly trafficked areas of the home with this smart, tidy space saver. The shoe bench features sturdy construction and two slotted nickel-steel racks, which allow for proper air circulation so damp shoes dry quickly, minimizing odors. Store up to nine pairs of shoes on the unit, or use the top shelf for backpacks, handbags, keys, and other on-the-go essentials. Its attractive honey-colored wood-grain finish makes the shoe bench a beautiful and dependable piece of furniture for any space.

Measures 11-7/8 by 23-3/4 by 18-7/8 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.



   6-Slot Shoe Organizer Cubby - Black (Black) (21


6-Slot Shoe Organizer Cubby - Black (Black) (21"H x 24"W x 15"D)

This hallway shoe rack features 6 cubbies large enough to slide a pair of shoes in with ease. The cubby shelves are also great for any other type of organization needed around the house.

Available in Black and White finishes, this small shelf can be placed anywhere in the home, from the closet to the entryway! It is constructed of melamine covered wood composite, with main supporting parts measuring 3/4" thick and the back being 1/4" thick. The top has rounded corners for safety.



  12-Cubby Solid Wood Shoe Bench (Golden Oak) (24 


12-Cubby Solid Wood Shoe Bench (Golden Oak) (24"H x 45"W x 15"D)

Organize your closet, entryway, or mudroom with this 12-cubby shoe storage bench, made of solid wood! This shoe cubby features a bench seat on top, perfect for resting while putting on your favorite footwear. The twelve storage cubbies measure 5"H x 10"W; large enough to slide a pair of shoes in with ease. Available in two finishes, Golden Oak and Walnut. The main supporting parts are 3/4" thick with the back being 1/4" thick, making this a very durable furniture piece. Top has rounded corners for safety.




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